Uncommon Programming Languages

Uncommon Programming Languages

There is a number of programming languages that exist today. Among them, some are front-end and others are back end programming languages. Commonly everybody heard about languages like Java, C, and C++ since they are very popular languages. Apart from these, even python, Ruby, and Perl have gained the highest popularity in recent years. But there are many uncommon programming languages which are used by never heard and they are not familiar.

Here is a list of programming languages that are uncommon.


rust programming language

This programming language is sponsored by Mozilla and it focuses on memory safety, type safety, and concurrency. Apart from this, it also focuses on performance. You can utilize this programming language for distributed server and client applications. It is also used in reliable system-level programming.


hack open source programming language

This is another uncommon programming language which is created by Facebook. This is a dialect of PHP and used for hip-hop virtual machines. By utilizing this programming language, developers can create complex websites that work really fast. There is no need to compile the programs written in this programming language. The hack is one of the statistically typed programming languages which allow dynamic coding similar to PHP.


ada programming language

This programming language offers plenty of features like the highest flexibility for scale-up and to meet needs. It also helps in the avoidance of namespace pollution and data abstraction. Ada is best suitable for information hiding semantics, concurrency support, reusability, and even for methodology neutrality. It can be utilized for real-time support and safety-critical support.


haskell programming language

If you are searching for a purely functional programming language, then Haskell is the right choice. This programming language called Haskell is very lazy and it is statically typed. It features typed inference and it offers simple and elegant amazing syntax. The speed offered by this programming language will definitely amaze you.


erlang programming language

This programming language is created by Ericsson Computer Sciences Lab. This programming language is mainly developed to the problem of concurrency. This programming language is freely available and it is open source. Erlang offers multithreading and it makes use of a virtual machine like Java. This programming language is specially built for embedded systems and it is the choice for very robust servers. There are many applications developed by this programming language but even after that, this is an uncommon programming language. Facebook chat is one example of applications developed by Erlang. This programming language is suitable only for certain tasks and not for all.


If you are searching for a multi-paradigm language then you have come to the right place. This programming language is based on the rudiments of the Lisp/Scheme. This programming language comes with a goal and it serves a platform for language creation, implementation and design. The racket is the programming language behind Wikipedia. So, this programming language can be used for clear and well-organized documentation.


This is one of the programming languages which are recently released. IO offers prototype-based object model and this model is very similar to that of Self and NewtonScript. Simplicity and minimal syntax are the two best features of this programming language. IO is easy to learn and it is best suitable for general-purpose programming.


This is also a new programming language and it also comes with a prototype-based object model like IO.


This programming language is released by MIT Media Lab and is designed for children of age 8 and 16. There is no typical syntax for this programming language. This language is designed for kids and it makes it more thinker able and language is more meaningful for them. They will like it because this programming language is more social compared to other programming languages.


This programming language is from Google and this was once well known and popular for web development. Dart was about to replace JavaScript but that never happened. Later it got left behind by JS. Later it went under remodeling and joined with CoffeeScript. There are two popular customer-facing web applications called AdSense and AdWords and these make use Dart. There are plenty of users for Dart who are outside Google. Companies like Blossoms and Workiva make use of this programming language. Even though it comes with stronghold within Google, it should be sold to outside developers.


This is one of the programming languages developed by Kx Systems. Kx is one of the very popular data analytics vendors. This language offers multiple approaches when it comes to solving a problem and it makes it versatile.


This programming language is mainly designed for offering the highest concurrency. This language is a variation of the Lisp programming language. This language runs on Java Virtual Machine and when you use this language you get Java interoperability for free.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best languages which are uncommon but are in use in one or other applications. Since they are suitable for limited applications, they have remained uncommon to common developers but they are used in the best way.