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Most Widely Used Programming Languages

There is a list of programming languages that are considered to be very popular and they are preferred by the majority of the programmers. These programming languages come with unique features and their approach to programming makes them very popular. There are many other reasons behind the popularity of these programming languages like Java.


Java is one of the languages which is most popular and is created in the 90s. Even today it’s in use and it is used by biggest and top companies all over the world. Java is mostly used for developing backend web systems and desktop apps. There are a lot of reasons that made Java one of the very famous and most commonly used programming languages.

  • The Java virtual machine is platform-agnostic and this is the main reason Java can be run on any system. Java is one of the most popular and well-known android languages. So, if you check, the majority of the android apps are developed using Java.
  • Java brings the highest scalability. Of course, Java is mainly built with an aim to provide the highest scalability and it does. Since java is one of the statistically-typed languages, it becomes easy to debug this language.
  • Java is backward-compatible as well.

C Programming Language

If you are searching for the oldest programming language which is still in use, then you should stop by and that is C programming language. C was adopted by most of the biggest tech brands like Linux, Apple, Microsoft, and even Oracle. C is the language behind embedded systems used in electronics and cars. Even though not directly written in C, the majority of the smart devices we are using today are influenced by C.

Even after the development of many other languages, C language is most commonly used and very popular even today. The main reason behind this is, C is easily portable. C language can work with any system and it can operate at any machine level. C is the best choice if you are in search of a programming language for embedded systems and operating systems.


Python has grown steadily among all other languages and now it is named under the top five most used and most popular languages. Python has a key role to play in the majority of the technologies used today. For example, Python is present in technologies like Big Data, artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and even robotics. Today’s biggest challenge Cybersecurity is also relying on Python.

Since Python is very easy to use and learn, today majority of the universities have included python as an introductory language.


When we consider web and web applications, the first language that comes to our mind is Javascript. Today it i9s the most commonly used language for web applications. The main reason behind this is, this language allows the programmer to easily add highly interactive effects required for most of the web pages.


When we think of the tech startups, Ruby is the language that comes to our mind. Among the tech startups, it is the most commonly utilized programming language. Ruby owns beautiful but incredibly simple syntax. Developers can achieve more just with less code when they utilize this language properly.